Thiral philosophy is centred to continuous research and occupation with meeting any need via aluminum applications. Our goal is to use cutting edge technological means and, following the strictest security standards, to provide innovative applications both for facilitating the user and for the protection and better function of our products. In this context, we offer to our clients two certified pan-European innovations, the controlled reset mechanism for screens and the smart way for panels’ glass fitting and clasping.

Controlled reset mechanism for screens

The controlled reset mechanism for screens is an innovation (European patent) made by Thiral. The mechanism makes the screen to be folded slowly on its axis.This mechanism helps protect against injuries, especially as far as children and elderly people is concerned. Moreover, the screen itself is protected against being damaged or teared as a result of an abrupt folding. It is placed in the axis of the THIRAL screen and is attached to the right casing of the system with the use of a screw. It doesn’t need any adjustment or maintenance.

Smart clasp mechanism of the glass

Smart clasp mechanism of the glass to THIRAL’s pressed panels that allows for: Easy fitting, High sealing, High Soundproofing, Quick replacement.

Always being driven by innovation, our company is by the consumer’s side, listening to their needs and desires, creating innovative solutions and applications to address any new challenge.

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