Since 1993, our company, Thiral, has been a leader in the field of designing and manufacturing aluminum panels, insect screens, and door systems. We are based in Kokkinochoma, Kavala, and our facilities extend over 6,500 m2.

Thiral is a top player in the industry, fully committed to the continuous modernization of equipment, adherent to the highest quality standards and the implementation of a green policy.

Our company’s philosophy is based on integrated and prompt customer service, for both our clients and our network of corporate partners, providing full support throughout their purchase, installation, service, as well as our overall partnership. A lot has changed since our company was founded by Konstantinos Stavrakas thirteen years ago. Our equipment has been modernised and our turnover has multiplied. The only thing that remains constantly the same is our intense passion for perfection.

Our production process is now fully automated and vertically integrated, with regard to our equipment, molding presses, double glazed units printers and processors, as well as electrostatic and wood grain powder coatings.

Our company has long since received an ISO 9001 certification for the production and design of our products. We ensure our products and services meet the highest quality standards through regular assessments and rigorous controls that go beyond the requirements of the certifications.

The key strengths of Thiral include the high quality of our products, our fast customer service, which we uphold through flexibility and vertical integration of production, and our dedication to innovation. This last one includes the patented glass clasp mechanism for easy and quick replacement and the controlled reset mechanism for insect screens, while, at the same time, we also continuously design new projects.

Thiral is distinguished for its products, whose quality is consistently high, as well as for the innovations introduced in the market. You will find products that cater to your needs in the following areas:

  • High quality aluminium doors
  • Innovative door systems
  • Pressed aluminum panels with replaceable glass (patented by THIRAL
  • Engraved aluminum panels
  • Panels with INOX elements
  • Aluminum panels with traditional design
  • Panels with frame
  • Flat aluminum panels and support panels
  • Insect screens
  • Aluminium panels for armoured doors
  • Electrostatic coatings
  • Wood grain powder coatings

All these products are manufactured entirely by THIRAL and are available in a wide range of original designs and colours.









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